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MyEgoSecure – The all-in-one package for your private IT security!

All-in-one package including virus protection, access control, application control, encryption and Green IT.

If you want to protect your data comprehensively, it’s not enough to just be careful not to catch a virus or other malware from the Internet. Have you ever asked yourself the following questions:

​ ​

  • How do I safely transport my data to the cloud or external storage media?
  • How do I control access to devices or ports?
  • How do I manage all my passwords?
  • How can I permanently delete folders and data on my hard drive?

With myEgoSecure you get the all-in-one package to protect all your sensitive data – on the computer, on all storage media and in the cloud. And best off all: You will get this version for free.*

Features at a Glance


External storage media such as USB sticks, hard disks and CDs/DVDs is completely encrypted using the AES 256 BIT encryption recommended by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI).


The antivirus feature of myEgoSecure protects your entire computer as well as internal and external media from malware attacks. This happens in the background continuously.


Uncontrolled access to devices or ports on your computer poses a security risk. With access control you are optimally protected against malware and data theft. With the password protection for Access Control settings, myEgoSecure prevents unauthorized changes to your configuration.


With the intelligent power management of myEgoSecure your computer is operated efficiently. Energy is only consumed when computers and peripheral devices are actually used.


myEgoSecure Application Control prevents the launch of any malicious program. The feature ensures that only authorized applications are started on your computer. The lists of trusted applications and vendors are customizable to your needs. All the applications are monitored in real time and do not affect your computer performance.


All passwords are locked in a secure “container”. You only have to remember one password for unlocking the Password Manager. Since all passwords are encrypted, you can store the password container in the cloud, so your passwords are available everywhere.


The Secure Erase function of myEgoSecure deletes files, folders and empty sectors of the hard disk in a way that prevents recovery. You only need to select one of five available algorithms to overwrite and delete files multiple times.

* You will receive myEGOSECURE free of charge for a period of 12 months if you order by 31.12.2020. 

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